Es war einfach nur toll und besinnlich zugleich.

Fotoalben » 2013 » 8th March 2013 - Nightfever in Davis, California

Praise God!
Last night was AMAZING!

I am hardly sure where to start! Once the decorating team started working on Friday night, the whole chapel was transformed. And it looked amazing! We didn't have any lights on, just candles.
Our street team leaders did an awesome job of training our street teams. They did skits to help the teams imagine how the people on the streets might react, and gave some great tips (thanks to the handbook :D).
One of the priests blessed all the candles that we were going to hand out for the evening before we all went into the church for exposition (that was a beautiful moment!)
The priest for the Newman Center gave a short reflection before sending everyone out, and then the night began! It went so smoothly, and went by so fast, that at the end people were saying they wished they had more time.

We passed out nearly 100 candles, and had a few people come in. And we set up a hospitality table on the corner with snacks and hot water to make hot chocolate, and we got quite a few people stopping just to have some dessert and something warm to drink.

It was a great experience for the volunteers. They were very touched by being able to go out and talk with people, and being able to have this special time of prayer.

I am pretty sure that we will be hosting NF here again in the future. :D

Thank you for all your prayer and support. I woke up today feeling so joyful and lighthearted. :)